About Us

"Sisters, sisters......"

We are Linda and Dawn, two sisters with a passion for flowers and for making people happy. We run a real family affair of a business with regular contributions from our mum, our husbands and our beautiful children. We rope our other sisters and friends in for deliveries on a regular basis so they don't feel left out!  

We have over twenty years of experience in the floristry industry between us, having run a successful business from home before buying our first florist shop 10 years ago. 

Fleurtations Ltd

Here at Fleurtations, your local florists, we have a caring, personal approach that means every floral thought is the best it can be.

Our vision has transformed our florists in Denmead into a light and airy, spacious shop.We are aware of the necessity of flowers in creating a lifestyle and use our displays to show how easy it is to use flowers and plants to effect in your own homes. Flowers should be part of the furniture, as important in a room as the colour of the carpet and the choice of wallpaper. They make a room look cared for.


Fleurtations Ltd